What’s On My Wishlist?

As you can see from my newborn baby infant photoshop skills, I’m trying something new! I constantly have a running wishlist – if the website has an option to create one, I’ve done it, and if they don’t, I toss it onto my Amazon wishlist. I wanted to share a few pieces I’m considering – all of which are currently on sale! 

As the weather gets more mild, I want to add more transitional pieces into my wardrobe without fully committing to our Southern heat. It’s a controversial opinion, I know, but I love winter and I’m really not ready to let go and start thinking about Spring. Because of that, I tend toward clothing options I can wear for multiple seasons.

  1. Soft Gold Sandals from Madewell
  2. Tassel Earrings from Baublebar
  3. Embroidered Sweatshirt from The Loft
  4. Embroidered Jeans from Free People
  5. Off-the-Shoulder Top from The Loft
  6.  White Sneakers from Converse

Or check out these alternatives:

One thought on “What’s On My Wishlist?

  1. Also need some more tassel earrings ASAP! I have never used Photoshop at all (except for a tiny bit in High School Yearbook- haha!) so this looks great to me!!

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