Saturday Reading List

One blog I’ve been following religiously lately is an anti-haul beauty blog. This post on why she won’t be buying Mac’s new “Basic Bitch” palette is a perfect example of why I love it & why it’s been motivating me to be more deliberate with my purchases. Be sure to scroll down to where she discusses the phrase “basic bitch”.

Check out this wonderful piece by a congressional candidate Alejandra Campoverdi – who also happens to have posed for Maxim – on women and society’s unwillingness to see us as multidimensional.

This home office post is over a year old, but I’ve been lusting over the clean, dreamy workspaces pictured within.

Have you seen Victoria Beckham’s new Target collab? There are some pieces I really adore and some I’m not so sure about.

This post is titled “25 Promises for All the Single Ladies Who Travel” – I’m not a single lady, but I’ve been dreaming of traveling solo soon, so this is inspirational nonetheless.

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