March Check-in & Small Goals

I am so glad it’s March, my heart could almost burst. I’m alarmed by how quickly time flies, but for this brief moment, I’m happy about it. I have seventeen weeks of school left!!! Seventeen weeks until I have my weekends back, until I can travel, until I can focus fully on work and spend my free time doing any frivolous thing I desire.

currently reading: The Possessions by Sara Flannery Murphy
currently lusting: Affordable skincare goodies from the Ordinary
currently planning: is my new favorite travel site to play on; I love being able to sort search results by price & review simultaneously. I also keep daydreaming about our sweet little Montreal hotel, Auberge le Pomerol

Now let’s review my February Small Goals!
  • Low-buy/No-buy of makeup and clothes | Yikes. You may already know how that went due to my post here discussing recent purchases. (Spoiler: It went terribly)
  • Make time to exercise | Truth? I bombed this one big time, too. I worked out a total of zero times over the entire month. I even wasted an entire paid month of Classpass!
  • Pack my lunch | One success, thank goodness! Other than my sweet parents gifting me a Postmates gift card for Valentine’s Day (they know me so well), I didn’t order any food delivery. I ate out here & there, but nothing over-the-top, and I was pretty responsible about packing my lunches.
  • Finish a book | I accomplished this one, too! I finished Behind Her Eyes from my February Book of the Month box. It was engaging and easy to read, with dynamically written characters that I mostly cared about. SPOILER, KIND OF: I just wish it had been marketed as a supernatural thriller rather than a psychological thriller, which would’ve made the twists much less disappointing & more in-line with reader expectations. 

For March, I’m not entirely sure what my goals should be. I feel a little discouraged by only fulfilling half of February’s, and overwhelmed by the prospect of everything that will be going on throughout the month. I think I’m going to focus on building up the habits I’ve already started working toward. 
  • Read a chapter a night
  • Practice French every morning with my coffee
  • Go on a walk once a week
  • Watch one video for school every day
  • Wait 24 hours before making any purchase
Hopefully these aren’t too lofty and can be worked into my super cramped schedule. They’re also all things I really want to accomplish and habits I want to craft for the long-term. 

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