New-to-me Box: GlobeIn Club

I tried a new box this month called GlobeIn Club. It’s a cheaper, smaller alternative to GlobeIn’s Artisan Box, which is $40/month. GlobeIn Club is only $10 a month, but still features a lifestyle items created by artisans in remote parts of the world. The full-size box has themes like “Kitchen” and “Laundry” that you can choose from, but the Club box could contain any number of little lifestyle items from GlobeIn’s inventory. 

For February, I received a jewelry roll from Batik Boutique, based out of Malaysia. According to their website:

Batik Boutique is an award-winning social enterprise created to disrupt the cycle of poverty in Malaysia. We train women from low-income backgrounds to produce gifts and fashion accessories made from a traditional Malaysian fabric called batik.
First, we work with artisan families in rural Malaysia where they create batik textiles on natural fibers. The artisans use layers of wax and dye to create the designs in a labor-intensive process.
Next, women create ethical fashion and gift items with this fabric in our sewing training center. Today, more than 50 artisans work with The Batik Boutique to gain a fair, sustainable income and marketable skills. Each purchase directly benefits the artisan who made it.

There are some jewelry rolls in the travel section of Batik Boutique’s shop listed for $42, but this one is not quite the same – I believe it’s smaller, and it isn’t lined with satin. Nonetheless, I think paying $10 for something I will actually use and that benefits women in rural communities is worth it.

Another tidbit I like about GlobeIn/GlobeIn Club is that you can skip months whenever & for however long you like. The only other box I have like that is Julep, and it’s such a nice feature.

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