An Update on my Personal Life

Hi guys (mostly Jess). It’s been awhile since I last posted an update, but it has been a trying time in my personal life. Blogging wasn’t cutting it as the fluffy escapism it typically serves as for me, and I just took some time to do absolutely nothing. I mean, I literally have been doing nothing productive outside of work – I’ve  been reading a little, but not enough, and I’ve been avoiding going to the YMCA even though I’ve been paying for it since February (I’ve been once).

There have been quite a few things going on, but the most currently pressing is that James & I broke up. We started seeing each other here and there in March of 2013, and three weeks ago we realized, tearfully but amicably, that we had different dreams, different goals, and our lives were ultimately going to move in different directions.

I’ll be honest – it has been really, really shitty. For years now I’ve seen myself as a jaded person when it comes to relationships. I’d been there, done that, and knew I could be logical if James & I did end up leading different lives. In reality, it’s not that easy. I wish there were a “villain” in the situation so that I could have something to be furious about, but there isn’t. We love each other, but we have to move on and do our own things.

It blows.

Moving On

I surely don’t have any hot tips about how to get over a break up. I’ve been avoiding sad music and sad movies. That’s already a step forward – in college I would wallow for eons. I’ve been trying to keep busy with my friends and my family, some of which you can see in the pictures I added to the beginning of this post. My sisters and I took Mom to Dollywood for Mother’s Day, and in 10 days my family & Jess (and other friends!) will be heading to Universal Studios for a week. I’m keeping busy with work, snuggling Sansa a lot, and eating more take out than I should.

I feel like I should be over this by now. Realistically, I know I can’t expect to be over around five years of friendship & partnership in three weeks. I’m sick of the heaviness in my chest and I’m sick of thinking everyone on dating apps is too ugly and too incompatible and too dumb and too shallow to compare (lol). Notice: I don’t actually want to date someone right now, but you know how sometimes those apps are good for a little ego boost when you’re down in the dumps? Yeah, that.

That’s what’s going on in my neck of the woods. Here’s hoping I can get back to light & fluffy ASAP.

What’s On My Wishlist?

As you can see from my newborn baby infant photoshop skills, I’m trying something new! I constantly have a running wishlist – if the website has an option to create one, I’ve done it, and if they don’t, I toss it onto my Amazon wishlist. I wanted to share a few pieces I’m considering – all of which are currently on sale! 

As the weather gets more mild, I want to add more transitional pieces into my wardrobe without fully committing to our Southern heat. It’s a controversial opinion, I know, but I love winter and I’m really not ready to let go and start thinking about Spring. Because of that, I tend toward clothing options I can wear for multiple seasons.

  1. Soft Gold Sandals from Madewell
  2. Tassel Earrings from Baublebar
  3. Embroidered Sweatshirt from The Loft
  4. Embroidered Jeans from Free People
  5. Off-the-Shoulder Top from The Loft
  6.  White Sneakers from Converse

Or check out these alternatives:

Palette A Week: Colourpop Element of Surprise

I mentioned on my instagram that this year I want to focus more on actively using the products that I have rather than coveting every new release. One way I am trying to encourage this habit is by doing a “Palette a Week” challenge. Every week (or, you know, as I get around to it) I’m going to choose a different palette in my collection to focus on. I decided to kick off this challenge with the Colourpop Element of Surprise palette. I found the color combination compelling and it was a fun way to get started.  My only rule is that I need to create five separate looks with my Palette-a-Week palette before moving on.


Colourpop Element of Surprise – Swatches

Feels: A sparkling white-pink shadow. I hate how impossible to see it is in these swatches because I was so happy with Feels as an inner corner highlight.

Late Night: Classic warm copper metallic shadow. It’s rich and buttery and beautiful, but not a unique shade and it’s easy to replicate.

Silk Street: A matte dark berry shade, which Colourpop labels as a purple-fuchsia. It was one of the more dry shadows in the palette, but I still enjoyed using it in my outer corner and as an under-eye liner.

Rayon: Colourpop calls this “metallic dark coral”. This shade is much more interesting than it looks swatched. Here, it essentially looks like Late Night (imo), but in person there are blue-green sparkles that catch the light and show up well on the eye.

Go With the Flow: This is a creamy peach shadow that was a little powdery but applies well with little/no fallout. She’s smooth & silky. I wish Colourpop would offer Go With the Flow as a single because it’s so functional.

Subdue: A pretty lavender shadow with icy blue sparkles. Subdue is a little sheer when applied dry, but it’s really stunning if you apply with a damp brush or use some type of glitter primer.

Opulent: This bright, satin fuchsia is the visual standout of the palette. Thankfully, it’s every bit as pigmented and easy to work with as I hoped it’d be!

Labyrinth: This is a muted, dusty (the shade, not the texture), victorian rose matte pink shade. I adore it.  It’s beautifully pigmented & blends out effortlessly.

Blank Canvas: Less purple and more deep red than than Silk Street, Blank Canvas is a smooth, blendable maroon. It’s a workable dupe for the popular “Love Letter” shadow from Anastasia.

Sea Stars: love Sea Stars – I actually already owned a single of it before purchasing this palette. I feel like it’s a much more yellow-toned brown (almost a mustard) than it looks in any of its online listings.

Details: This is the one shadow in the palette that I don’t care for and I don’t imagine it getting much use. For me, the darkest shades are typically the ones I never touch. There is a pink sparkle added to the matte chocolate brown base, but as you can tell from my swatch the sparkle doesn’t translate well to your skin.

Peace of Mind: A pearly metallic red-burgundy. Peace of Mind is creamy and full-coverage and is a perfect darker non-matte shadow to round out the palette.

Final Thoughts?

I am consistently impressed with Colourpop’s ability to create quality products for such a low cost. I appreciate that their products aren’t good “for the price”, they’re just good. The Colourpop Element of Surprise has only one semi-dud shadow and is otherwise gorgeous, different from the slew of other warm-toned palettes on the market, and is easy to use. There are enough neutral shades to stay reserved and enough fun pops of color to keep things interesting.

I think this would be a great addition to anyone’s collection. It’s a budget buy that’s excellent quality and functional for both day & night looks.

Here’s hoping that all of my weekly Palette a Week attempts will turn out so well! 😉