Airbnbs Around the World for Less Than $100 A Night

Clearly, I am not a travel blogger. Yet. It’s always been a dream of mine, but between work and school I can barely find the time to make the two hour trip to visit my family, let alone fly across the world. However, I do daydream a lot and I read travel blogs a lot and I plan future trip goals a lot and one thing I have noticed over the past few months of reading travel blogs is that when bloggers say “affordable” to describe boutique locations, they clearly mean a different kind of “affordable” than my student loan repayments can accommodate. It’s totally cool if you want to stay in a $400 per night treehouse in Bali, but I’m trying to avoid wallowing in debt until I’m in my grave. 
Through my own scouring of the interweb, I have found some of the coolest, most interesting places for super reasonable prices. I chose to focus specifically on Airbnb  (though is also a great resource with helpful search tools) and I am only listing properties that are less than $100 per night to have the entire house (or apartment) to yourself.  They may not be the peak of luxury or they may be off the beaten path, but they are beautiful, inspiring, and within my puny budget! Ready? Happy daydreaming!  

1. Riad in Marrakesh, Morroco | $63 per night


2. Apartment in Hvar, Croatia | $43 per night


3. Cabana in  Armenia, Colombia | $49 per night


4. Villa in Ostuni, Italy | $67 per night


5. Apartment in Paris, France | $83 per night


6. Studio in Oia, Greece | $83 per night 


7. Cave in Granada, Spain | $56 per night


8. Beach House in Santa Catarina, Brazil | $81 per night


9. Apartment in Vienna, Austria | $77 per night


10. Studio in Perast, Montenegro | $44 per night