April Julep Maven Box

April 2017 Julep Maven Subscription Unboxing
As always, Julep’s beauty box is a delight and one of my absolute favorites. Their monthly subscription is $25/month, though I choose to purchase three months at a time for $20/month. You are able to swap out every item they curate for you and build your own box, as well as add on items from Julep’s shop at a steep discount. I’ve been subscribed to Julep for almost a year now (mostly because of the ability to skip months without cancelling!) so I’ve become quite familiar with Julep’s house brand, and I’m consistently pleased. 

Julep Eye Glider Gilded Gold Radiant Amethyst Electric Teal Shimmer Fig Shimmer
I love the items I chose for April’s Julep Maven box. I swapped out my original items (I can’t remember what they were, but they’re typically two makeup or skincare items and a nail polish) for two of Julep’s eyeshadow duos (rosé & vacay and moonlight & starlight) and one of their new eyeliners. I added on three more “eye gliders” (so in all I have gilded gold, radiant amethyst, fig shimmer, and electric teal shimmer – swatched below in that order from top to bottom). I’d been lusting over the new color options and was considering purchasing a variety of stila eyeliner shades, so this made more sense financially.  
    Swatches of Julep Eye Glider in Gilded Gold Radiant Amethyst Fig Shimmer Electric Teal Shimmer
I chose the eyeshadow duos because I’d been looking for blendable matte shades since nearly my entire collection is full of shimmers. Rosé is so much more beautiful than I could’ve imagined and is going to get a ton of use. So far I’ve worn it in my crease with UD Fireball on my lid and I love the combo for Spring. I haven’t played with Vacay yet, but I’ve needed a matte brown. Starlight is extremely sheer but really pretty on the eye. Moonlight seemed difficult to blend, but I was using it with a new eyeshadow primer that was quite sticky on my lid, so I’ll be giving it another go soon with a different primer. I wore Moonlight & Starlight a couple of days ago for the entire work day and they never creased. Swatched below, from top to bottom: Rosé, Vacay, Moonlight, and Starlight. 
    Swatches of Julep Feels Like Velvet Eyeshadow Duo Rose Vacay and Moonlight Starlight
Finally, Julep included two additional nail polishes. One was sent to all subscribers as a special bonus, and the other was sent because I added three add-on items to my box. I already own Tatiana (a golden, burnt orange microglitter) and consider it my favorite shade for Halloween. Eliza (an “infinite ocean” holographic) has a beautiful rainbow effect in the bottle, but I have yet to try it on my nails. It’s highly rated though, and I’m looking forward to trying it! 
Julep Nail Polish in Tatiana - Burnt Orange Microshimmer and Eliza - Infinite Ocean Holographic, Blue Holographic

March Julep Maven

As you probably already know, I am a big fan of Julep. Initially, their “Julep Maven” subscription didn’t appeal to me – I wasn’t a huge nail polish wearer and $25 per month seemed a little steep. However, the 3 month sign-up makes each month $20 per month, and the ability to customize every single item has been so worthwhile for me. Plus, you can skip as many boxes as you want without having to officially unsubscribe. 

Of course, I always end up adding on items. If you add on 3 items, you have a freebie added to your box, and I’m a sucker for that. So each box ends up being about $35 or so for me. Would it be worth it for everyone? No, definitely not, but if you are interested in choosing each item for yourself from skin care, nail polish, and makeup categories, then I really recommend it. 

The primary products in my March Julep Maven box were:
I chose the following as add-ons: 
And Julep included the “Jenna” Nail Polish ($14) and a couple of Clean Slate Nail Polish Remover Wipes (value of $2.80) for free!

The eyeshadow stick is a lovely pale champagne shade that I’ll use on the inner corner of my eye, and maybe on my waterline. The blush looks so dark and autumnal in its tube, but as you can see in the swatch below, it blends out to a bright, pretty berry. 

Above are the eyeshadow & blush sticks swatched on the inner swatches, and blendded out on the outer swatches.

The three nail polish colors are a tangerine orange, bubblegum pink, and pale gray with gold microshimmer. I’ve added the photo below so you can see how Ainsley’s color shifts to a more neutral gray, depending on how the light hits it. 

So, Julep is an expensive box for me, but I have only had the best experience with them. Though this box cost me about $40 (the eyeshadow was a $9.99 add-on, while the two polishes were $4.99 each), the retail value was a whopping $122.80

And finally, my favorite pic of the day — a happy blooper of Sansa-Bear’s nose. She needs some rosehip seed oil moisture, too! 

Julep & BeautyFix

I’m writing this post as I’m watching one of the doctors in Grey’s Anatomy get a c-section without any anesthesia, which is really something. I’m trying to distract myself from that agony with writing this post, which isn’t too hard since I am so excited that I ended up getting both of these boxes so early in the month! 
Julep is always one of my favorite, favorite subscription boxes. They only carry their in-house brand, but I have had really great luck with their makeup and skincare, and of course their polishes are beautiful. The monthly box is $25/month or $20/month if you sign up for 3 months at once (this is what I typically choose). You can skip months whenever you want (for as long as you want!) and add on extra products at steep discounts. Everything is always full-sized! I happened to receive sample of the Love Your Bare Face cleansing oil, but that isn’t typical.
february 2017 julep maven subscription box

 My February Julep box (which I’m able to curate myself) included:

I added-on: 
  • Paper Source Journal Trio – Unfortunately no longer available
  • Clean Slate Polish Corrector Pen – I am the clumsiest, least skilled nail polish applicator on Earth, so I’m hoping this will help my manicures look a little less haggard
  • Virginia Nail Polish – Described as a “mahogany iridescent molten”, I’ve never seen a color like it and so I had to have it!
For adding on three additional items, I received the Juliana nail polish as a special gift. It gets great reviews but isn’t a color I’d have ever chosen for myself. It looks like it’ll be a great shade for Summer.

julep nail polish in charissa, virginia, and juliana

julep and papersource mini journals
I love the beautiful patterns on these journals! 
february 2017 beautyfix subscription box dermstore

I cancelled BeautyFix last December, but when I saw spoilers for the Juice Beauty primer, I signed back up immediately. BeautyFix is a $25/month subscription box through Dermstore which typically focuses more on skincare, hair care, and beauty tools, but it’s an interesting change to receive multiple full sized makeup items from them this month!

The February BeautyFix box included:

Total Paid: $25
Total Retail Value: $156.86

Swatches of the Julep Eyeliner, Kevyn Aucoin Lip Satin, and La Roche-Posay CC Cream
If I’d known I’d receive the large sample of sunscreen in the BeautyFix box, I probably wouldn’t have chosen Julep’s, but that’s just how it tends to work out with beauty boxes! As you can see, the Kevyn Aucoin lip color is much more like a gloss, though “Lip Satin” sounded like it would be more fully pigmented, imo. I also passed the CC Cream sample off to my mom, as that “universal” shade is definitely too dark and warm for my vampire skin.

October BeautyDNA & other early-month treats

October is the best hecking month of the year. Autumn starts to kick in, the days get cooler, the leaves get crunchier, and people are wearing all of my favorite colors. Food and beer just start to taste better in the fall. I’ve been looking forward to this season’s beauty boxes, to see if we can finally stop receiving bronzers, self-tanners, and summery coral makeup shades (the least flattering of all products on this cool-toned girl). The first box I received this month was from BeautyDNA. They always ship promptly at the beginning of the month. After a weird September product (a hip & abdomen cellulite gel), I was happy to receive the Paula’s Choice Resist BHA 9. It’s a salicylic acid spot treatment that you use after cleansing & tonight and before serums & moisturizers. It’ll fit perfectly into my skincare routine and I look forward to trying it! 
beautydna october 2016 paula's choice skincare resist bha treatment
I love BeautyDNA’s thorough quiz & the way they match the details of each product to my preferences. BeautyDNA is typically $25/month, but I signed up during a special promo & received 6 months for $80-something. I’m not sure I would pay the full $25 for the service, but I do enjoy treating myself with it. 

I also ordered a fun Halloween nail polish set from Julep (which is pretty consistently my favorite subscription box – once I realized how awesome Julep’s makeup & skincare lines are, I’ve loved being able to curate my own boxes … & have spent way too much money doing so). 
julep 2016 halloween nail polish set sam scout brigitte tatiana cameron
For just $15, I got four polishes – Sam, Scout, Brigitte, and Tatiana. I used a promo code (FALLCOLOR) to add-on a polish for free – Cameron, that pale lilac shade, which dries to a textured, “stardust” finish, and then topped off my order by adding the cuticle oil in the middle for $9. I justified it by saying that since I skipped my Julep box this month, I might as well spent the normal monthly fee to get these great goodies.
Finally, because I am an absolute SUCKER, I fell for one of Sephora’s promos. They were giving samples of Sunday Riley Good Genes with any purchase of $25 or more. That’s a pretty big deal since Good Genes is, oh, a mere $105 per oz. 
sephora favorites beauty sleep kit 2016
I ended up ordering the Sephora Favorites Beauty Sleep kit, & I’m so glad I did. The teeny extra sample of Good Genes was worth $18, so $12 for everything else feels like a steal. As a side note, I can’t recommend the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer enough …. and I especially recommend ordering it as a free add-on sample when you can. The sample is a separate packet of each type of eyeshadow primer that UD offers, and each packet lasts me about a month, so that’s four months of primer from each free sample. I’ll take it!