Color palettes, personal style, etc.

Now that there are a measly two weeks left of Fall 2016, I think it’s fair to say that my Autumn Capsule was a bust. I never really got the hang of my style and frankly, it was way too hot to wear the things I felt I should’ve seasonally been able to wear. There was no need for sweaters or even light jackets, for the most part. I could wear my Birkenstocks through all of October without my toes ever getting cold.

However, I can’t really say that it was a failed experiment, because I’ve learned so much through the first attempt and I’m really looking forward to trying again for Winter. First, I took some time to really delve into my coloring and what looks best on me and though I’d kinda-sorta always known, it’s nice to pinpoint that, yeah, super greyed-out shades are more flattering and bolds always have looked wonky. I used this quiz to really pinpoint what I am, which btw is a Soft or Toned Summer (always thought I was a Winter!!). Into Mind also has a gorgeous color analysis breakdown. I had become so uncomfortable with color that I’d been getting rid of essentially everything in my closet that wasn’t some shade of blue, so for me it’s liberating to see that I can wear essentially any muted color.

I’ve been using a lot of different tools to help determine my personal style. I think the FemaleFashionAdvice subreddit is a hugely helpful resource. They have great threads on personal color analysis, wardrobe overhauls, clothing materials (though, warning, I did find out that suede is lamb skin, so … yeah, I’ll never be buying it again), and dressing for your shape. I’ve felt like a fashion mess the past couple of months, but these are helping me get it together again. I’ve also been using ClosetSpace to add items from my current closet to keep track of what I have and what I need/want.

Better luck next time!

I know, I know, I can wear whatever the heck I want, but for the purposes of curation and feeling comfortable and confident in my wardrobe & creating a personal style that feels authentic, this is helpful. No more neon peplum tops and tomato red dresses just because they’re on sale! 

Bye October!

I can’t believe that 1) October is OVER and 2) November has started off in 80’s. I’m a child of winter. Give me cold weather and numb noses and biting winds and fireplaces and cozy sweaters. I am sick to death of heat, and I cannot believe it persisted through (I’ll say it again, folks) my favorite month of the year! I’m still holding out hope for Winter, but it’s been screwing with my “Capsule Wardrobe” aspirations to still be wearing all of my Summer clothes.

I spent the Halloween weekend in Chattanooga with my family. It’s especially magical because my mom is super devoted to getting in the spooky spirit. Check out some of her sweet, sweet decorations in this post … and then imagine the entire house, every room, being filled with similar decor.

I have been … a little weak in my spending lately. I cancelled Sephora Play!, which may come as a surprise to … well, just Alex. Since I’m VIB and trying to rack up points for rewards, I order regularly enough to receive cool deluxe samples as often as I want. The Play! box wasn’t as fun for me, personally, as its equally cheap competitor Ipsy. However, plenty of people dislike Ipsy (though I’ve only had fun & positive experiences and quick responses from customer service), so your mileage may vary! In Play’s absence, I’ve picked up the BeautyFix box from Dermstore because I love skincare, and BeautyFix focuses on skincare with haircare and makeup mixed in. I just got the October box and it’s wonderful. Post to follow. I also signed up for the PopSugar Must Have sub, which is a $40/month lifestyle blog.

Though I’m on a clothing no-buy … or I’m supposed to be … I caved and purchased two pairs of leggings from Yogasmoga, an ethical, USA-made activewear brand. I never buy nice activewear, but they are currently having a 50% off full-priced styles sales and I’ve been wanting to try the brand for awhile. I’m weak, okay?

++ Current Wishlist ++

It is time to retire the blush & gray Saucony sneakers I picked up from Madewell last year. I am set on booties for the rest of the year, but I am terribly tempted by these babies. I’m torn between what I want & what I need, what will last a long time & what will be on-trend for the season. 
+ Vans Weatherized Suede Slip-Ons with Sherpa Lining, $55 | Black, white, AND fuzzy inside? They’d go with anything, but I wonder how quickly I’d destroy them. 
+ Allbirds Wool Runners, $95 | I’m a sucker for the trendy-yet-ethical shops that keep popping up over social media. These merino wool sneakers from New Zealand fit the bill of fashionable & functional and honestly I just want to feel them. How cool was this rose quartz pair
+ Adidas AlphaBOUNCE, unreleased | Everyone knows I love subscription boxes, and my mouth has been watering over the Adidas box since it’s release this Spring. The Winter box is a collaboration between Rita Ora & Adidas and will include these beauties. It’s $150 so it’s a little pricey, but they’re already promising that another pair of shoes will be included, too, along with the usual activewear pieces. 
+ Old Navy Jersey-Knit Shift Dress in Charcoal, $29.94 | I realized lately that I’ve become a denim brat & only consider buying from Madewell & J. Crew for jeans, since I know they work for me. However, I’m in need of a dark wash pair with no distressing & don’t feel like dropping $100+ on a single pair, so I hit up Old Navy just to see what it was like…. and it was awful. I tried four pairs and though they fit, the stitching was so crooked and wobbly that I couldn’t stop noticing it. They even made my butt look bad, and that’s the one body part I feel confident about!!! So, that was a failed experiment, but I did find this shift dress. It isn’t necessarily flattering, but it’s got a cool girl vibe while also being a throw-on-and-go piece.
+ H&M Ribbed Sweater in Black & White Melange, 14.99 |  Um, hello… It’s a $14.99 basic sweater. Priya posted about wearing it in London and now I can’t stop thinking about it. 
+ Uniqlo Ultra Stretch High Rise Ankle Jeans, $29.90 | Since I’m still on my dark-wash-no-distressing denim search, I’m considering these. They have great reviews (everyone seems to be a Uniqlo fan) but I’m just so scared of thrifty denim. 

Considering a capsule

Lately I have been really intrigued by the Unfancy Capsule Experiment. As you may have noticed (I know, you’ve noticed), I have a real issue with impulse buying. Ever since I got my first job, taking myself shopping has been my stress reliever. I’ll wake up early, get to the mall before it opens, and spend hours trying on clothes and shoes and swatching makeup. It’s a whole event  for me – my favorite way to decompress. However, it also adds its own layer of stress because I spend too much. Like, way too much. And I still online shop. And I still have buyer’s remorse.

I have been cutting my wardrobe down significantly over the past year. I want to be honest about colors and cuts that feel like me rather than what feels on-trend. I’ve also gained a lot of weight this year, so I am trying to get rid of pieces I’ve been holding onto for when I drop “that last 10 lbs.” I want to be able to go into my closet and pick something out & know I’ll be comfortable in it rather than try on 15 outfits every morning & feel a little too chubby for each of them.

So my seasonal capsule wardrobe is partially being formed by admitting that I simply don’t wear chartreuse & fuchsia, but also by admitting that crop tops might not be something I feel comfortable in for a good long while. There’s no point in blowing money on goal clothes. If I don’t love the fit & color, I pass it down to my sisters – and I sure as hell don’t buy it in hopes that it’ll suit me someday. I don’t know how many pieces I’ll limit myself to per season, but I’ll update as I figure out what works best for me.

In other news, I have found my favorite Halloween nail polish, called “Becky” from Julep. The online swatch really doesn’t capture it, but no pictures I am taking do either. It’s a duochrome with a satin finish that alternates between a rich wine purple and emerald green, depending on the angle. I’m wearing it now, but I wish I’d waited for Halloween week! I love it.

I have’t received any October boxes yet, but I’ll update again when I do!