How I Organize My Skincare & Makeup

I live in a duplex with multiple roommates, so while it’s beautiful and in a super convenient part of town, I don’t have a ton of space to spread out my belongings. Since we are renting, I also can’t install shelves or … really do anything useful to the space whatsoever.

To avoid allowing my plethora of products to take over every square inch of counter space, I’ve invested in a lot of acrylic organizers. Just this week I bought the vertical rotating tower you see in the pictures! You can place each shelf exactly where you want it, so there’s room for tall bottles and squat little jars. The top also has dividers, which I mostly use for samples I am currently trying to use up.

I would take photos of my vanity for you to see how I use other organizers, but … well, it’s a disorganized mess IN SPITE of everything, so I’ll have to do that another day.

For my makeup, right now I’m using two of these, this for my liquid lipsticks, this for my bullet lipsticks, one of these for miscellaneous eyeshadow singles (not the best for visibility, I know), and two of these for my eyeshadow palettes – I love these dividers, but I lay them down on the ground so I can stand my palettes up on their side for more space because 1) I have too many palettes and 2) I like to be able to see their packaging more clearly, and I sort them from tallest (or widest) palettes in the back and little quads or travel palettes in the front. Finally … drumroll please … the silliest but definitely the cutest of my organizing tidbits is this little rose gold nugget that holds my beautyblenders!