Saturday Reading List

You Can’t Have Self-Love Without Self-Respect: “Self-respect is helping someone in need when no one is there to witness it. Self-respect is enjoying the acquisition of knowledge, without others having to know that you know it. Self-respect is leaving the party when you’re tired, instead of staying up for everyone else.”
A wonderfully (terribly?) relateable piece about the shame of not having money and the stupid things we do to avoid feeling it. 
Google’s former “happiness guru” (eyeball roll, I know) on observing thin slices of joy throughout the day as an exercise in becoming a happier person. 
Faux fur has been found to contain real fur (from mink, rabbits, and even cats). “This is a problem in two ways. Firstly it’s a problem for the animals who are suffering awful, deprived lives and excruciating deaths on fur farms and traps around the world to produce these products. And secondly, it’s a problem for consumers, who are not being protected from unfair trading, who want to shop ethically and avoid the fur trade.” 
In local news, Woodbine residents are protesting the planned tiny-home community for the homeless that will be located on the property of Glencliff United Methodist. It’s … unsurprising, but awfully sad to read the comments made by those who live in the area. 

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