Create Your Own Palette with Buxom Eyeshadow Bar

Buxom Customizable Eyeshadow Palette
Apparently I am way late to the game (I mean, years late) but did you know that you can create custom eyeshadow palettes with Buxom’s eyeshadow bar? For $40 you can choose six shades (each shade retails for $12) to put into an empty palette and voila! You can fill in any voids in your eyeshadow collection without having to buy a pre-curated palette full of the same neutral matte shades you own twenty of.

Buxom Eyeshadow Bar Singles in Silk Sheets, Gold Status, Party Girl, La-La Lavish, and Silver Screen
This was, of course, great news for me. I had been strongly considering the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette, but I just do not need another slew of neutral mattes. I was able to dupe the shades I wanted most (Vermeer, Primavera, Love Letter, and a combination of Antique Bronze and Venetian Red) while also filling some holes in my collection. How have I, cool-toned pastel queen, gone this long without and iridescent lavender eyeshadow or a shimmery, highly pigmented silver? Only God can tell.
Buxom Eyeshadow Bar Singles in Silk Sheets, Gold Status, Party Girl, La-La Lavish, and Silver Screen Swatches
The shades I chose for my custom palette are as follows: 

  • Silver Screen | Buxom describes Silver Screen as a silver lilac, while Temptalia describes it as a “cool lavender”, but to me it reads true silver. Silver Screen is metallic and extremely pigmented with a creamy feel. 
  • La-La-Lavish | I’m sure part of the reason Silver Screen seems so un-lavender to me is because I’ve put it beside La-La-Lavish, a beautiful iridescent lavender. I am also looking forward to trying this as a highlighter! It looks like a shade that would fit perfectly into Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child or Aurora Glow Kits
  • Wild Nights | A “shimmering sugar plum”, Wild Nights is an interesting eyeshadow combining berry, orange, and pink shades all into one shimmer shadow. If Modern Renaissance could be duped by one shadow and one alone, this would be it. 
  • Party Girl | Party Girl is riding the wave of my newfound love for pink-toned eyeshadows and I am so excited to own it. I initially thought the bright fuchsia was a matte, but as I blended out the swatch I realized it has a pretty pearl finish, which I much prefer! I am ready to acknowledge that pink eyeshadow may be to 2017 what blue eyeshadow was to the 80’s, but I’m prepared to go down with this ship. 
  • Gold Status | I was initially concerned that Gold Status would be too similar to Urban Decay’s Half-Baked from my Naked 2 palette, but comparatively Half-Baked is more coppery an less vivid while Gold Status is a true metallic gold.  It’s highly pigmented and buttery to the touch.
  • Silk Sheets | Described by Buxom as a “chai luster”, whatever that means, I think Silk Sheets is going to be beautiful as a brow bone highlight and as a brightener in the inner corner of my eye. It’s soft and smooth and I chose it to replace Naked 2’s Bootycall, which never shows up on my fair skin no matter how heavily I pack it on. 
I am pleased as punch to have finally bitten the bullet on one of these Buxom Build Your Own Palettes, and I am already itching for more (don’t worry, don’t worry, I won’t break my no-buy for it). Other shades I’m interested in trying are It Girl, a glimmering cayenne, Twilight Tryst, an iridescent peacock, and Dusk Til Dawn, an iridescent olive. I highly recommend these shadows if, like me, you have enough matte creams and brown for a lifetime, but still prefer the cost-effectiveness of a palette.

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