Saturday Reading List

I’ve been slowly reading through The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but most recently I’m drooling over this space-saving style of folding clothes. The only issue is that I think I’d have to set aside an entire day to get it done!

The fact that I’m in my mid-20’s is started to make me aware of the passing of time in a way I hadn’t noticed before. I enjoy making lists and goals (big & small) and I think this list of 25 Things Before I Turn 30 (& Why It’s Okay That I Didn’t) is great.

I’m starting to plan international travel for the first time since 2009, and in the midst of our current political climate, this post from Adventurous Kate, “For the Love of God, Don’t Sew A Canadian Flag on Your Backpack“, couldn’t have come at a better time.

Jess & I went to a networking event called Girl Geek Dinner this week and left feeling empowered and inspired and ready to ….. kick some metaphorical career butt, or whatever. While the topics are familiar, this list of 3 Things Women Can Make for Career Success is a good reminder.

This article on habit building is a few years old, but it has really inspired me to start deliberately crafting healthy habits. One of my February small goals was to finish a book, which I’ve done!, so the habit of reading before bed vs. playing on my phone before bed is well underway. I’ve also picked Duolingo back up to practice my French before my trip to Montreal this summer. Now if only I can force myself into a fitness habit …..

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