PopSugar Must Have Build-Your-Own-Box

While I was in Florida over the last week of December, PopSugar had a sale where you could curate your own PopSugar MustHave box and take 75% off of any box that was over $100. There were high dollar value items like jewelry and hats and home decor, but I’m a sucker for #stuff and just wanted as much as I could pack in (that I would actually use) to break the $100 ceiling to get it all for ~$25. This is what I put together!  
Update: Apparently the sale is still going on, though remaining stock is limited! Once you hit $100, the price should automatically adjust to 75% off in your cart. 
popsugar must have build your own box winkylux bunny rise & shine morning culture mug rockstar socks cargo blush flint lint roller
My “box” came in two separate packages, nearly two weeks apart. I initially assumed that PopSugar had forgotten my final two items (pictured below) & reached out to customer service, who informed me that they had been shipped separately. I don’t mind the items being shipped separately, but I do wish I had received separate shipping notifications so that I wouldn’t have worried! 

Total Paid: $29.77 (with tax!)
Total Value: $107.20

I cannot get over the precious packaging on this Winky Lux lipstick! Sorry for not touching up my nails before this closeup shot, but hey, who’s got the time?

Here are swatches of the blush and lipstick. The blush is actually a bolder peachy pink when I actually apply it to my cheeks. I love it, but it took me by surprise considering how sheer it looked when swatching. The lipstick is a good basic cool-berry shade. It has a satin finish and feels moisturizing on my lips, but I think I need a lip liner with it because it never really sets.

I loved getting to create my own PopSugar box for less (which is typically a $40/month women’s lifestyle box) and I hope this becomes a seasonal or semiannual way to get rid of inventory!

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