Thoughts of the day

  • Dogs (probably) dream about their owners when they sleep, which makes Sansa’s snoozes so much sweeter than they already were. 
  • My mom, sisters, & I have been working through this list of horror shorts in honor of the Halloween season. We can only get through a few at a time due to the super tension condensed into every few minutes. 
  • Even though my “capsule wardrobe” has ~50 pieces, it has truly helped my mindset as I go into Autumn and see all the beautiful cool-weather clothes coming out. I’m still trimming as time passes – realizing that I don’t need a turquoise tee in October (though you better believe I’m eyeing the navy) or that the black platform clogs I thought about getting rid of are the shoes I reach for most often. It’s a learning process, but I’ve been so much better about not wanting to go clothes shopping! Now, as James brought up, if I could just “capsule” my skincare and makeup… 
  • I’m also committing (as of today) to start a slow process into (potential) vegetarianism. For the next 30 days, I am going to try cutting red meat & pork out of my diet. I’ll still eat poultry, because … baby steps. This also led me to cancel HelloFresh (options are too limited) but keep HomeChef. HomeChef always has at least 2 vegetarian options, and while I am continuing to eat poultry, this will be a great choice in figuring out creative ways to make meals without beef or pork or whatever else. 
  • Roxane Gay lists 13 Rules for Female Friendships – full of helpful truths like “If a friend sends you like 30 crazy emails needing reassurance about the same damn shit, be patient because one day that’s going to be you tearing up Gmail with your drama.”
  • This election has brought out the absolute worst in so many people. I’m starting to worry that whether Hillary wins or loses, there will be ensuing violence, especially against POC & LGBTQ communities. 

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