Considering a capsule

Lately I have been really intrigued by the Unfancy Capsule Experiment. As you may have noticed (I know, you’ve noticed), I have a real issue with impulse buying. Ever since I got my first job, taking myself shopping has been my stress reliever. I’ll wake up early, get to the mall before it opens, and spend hours trying on clothes and shoes and swatching makeup. It’s a whole event  for me – my favorite way to decompress. However, it also adds its own layer of stress because I spend too much. Like, way too much. And I still online shop. And I still have buyer’s remorse.

I have been cutting my wardrobe down significantly over the past year. I want to be honest about colors and cuts that feel like me rather than what feels on-trend. I’ve also gained a lot of weight this year, so I am trying to get rid of pieces I’ve been holding onto for when I drop “that last 10 lbs.” I want to be able to go into my closet and pick something out & know I’ll be comfortable in it rather than try on 15 outfits every morning & feel a little too chubby for each of them.

So my seasonal capsule wardrobe is partially being formed by admitting that I simply don’t wear chartreuse & fuchsia, but also by admitting that crop tops might not be something I feel comfortable in for a good long while. There’s no point in blowing money on goal clothes. If I don’t love the fit & color, I pass it down to my sisters – and I sure as hell don’t buy it in hopes that it’ll suit me someday. I don’t know how many pieces I’ll limit myself to per season, but I’ll update as I figure out what works best for me.

In other news, I have found my favorite Halloween nail polish, called “Becky” from Julep. The online swatch really doesn’t capture it, but no pictures I am taking do either. It’s a duochrome with a satin finish that alternates between a rich wine purple and emerald green, depending on the angle. I’m wearing it now, but I wish I’d waited for Halloween week! I love it.

I have’t received any October boxes yet, but I’ll update again when I do!


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