So, no, this isn’t my big August box reveal post – god knows how long that is going to take – but I wanted to share another site I’m apart of that is similar to Influenster. This one is called BzzAgent. It has a similar set up: sign up, link your social media, agree to receive free products in exchange for honest reviews, fill out surveys, and wait for your products to arrive. Overall, I would say I am getting more drugstore-level products through BzzAgent, but I’m also receiving campaigns much more regularly than I do with Influenster. Here’s a snapshot of some of the campaigns I’m currently participating in:

BzzAgent Screenshot
I have also received coupons to receive a free frozen pizza (unfortunately, I had to opt out of that campaign, as the pizza brand wasn’t available in this area) and I currently have a new ClariSpray allergy spray from Claritin that I’m waiting to try. Not that I’m going to complain about having no seasonal allergy flare-ups thus far! 
BzzAgent is simple and straightforward, and I have been part of 6 campaigns in two months of membership. Who doesn’t love free stuff?